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Saturday 28 January

Mini 1275GT Restoration Project

Here's my restored 1977 Mini 1275GT. If you are contemplating a Mini restoration, then I hope this will be useful to you.

Click on the Navigation tab on the left to find specific articles on the restoration, or click on the links below. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Below is a list of articles describing how I went about the Mini restoration. Click on the links to go to an article or use the Navigation tab on the left.

Mini 1275GT Restoration ProjectRestoring a rust-heap Mini!Feb 2011
It Begins!A few photos of the car as purchased.Feb 2011
Floor and HeelboardCutting out the rotten floor, heelboard and inner sill sections and fitting new panels.Sep 2012
Door Step/Post and Flitch PanelReplacing the rotten doorstep door post and repairing the Flitch panel.Oct 2012
Outer SillsFitting the outer sills.Jan 2013
Boot Floor RepairsRepairing rusty rear boot floor sections plus rear valance.Jan 2013
Front Bulkhead and Inner WingsRepairs to bulkhead, inner wings and toeboard.Jan 2013
Scuttle PanelFitting the windscreen scuttle panel and closers.Jan 2013
Roof RepairRepairs to rust damage on roof and RH A pillar.Jan 2013
Front End AssemblyFitting the wings, A-panels and front panels.Jan 2013
Floor ProtectionFloor and bulkhead rust prevention.Jan 2013
Gearbox RepairRepairs to the gearbox and differential. ** Includes a short video ** Jan 2013
PaintworkPainted in Leyland Pageant Blue.Jan 2013
SubframesRefurbushing the subframes.Jan 2013
AssemblyFitting the fuel and brakes lines, subframes, running gear, etc.Jan 2013
Engine RebuildNew bearings, piston rings, oil pump, etc. ** Includes a short video **Jan 2013
Mini finished - well, nearly!The nearly finished Mini, still needs a few more to complete but MoT'd and road legal.Jan 2013
Mini 1275GT Engine ConversionCoverting to Nissan CR14DE power. Major fabrication work on subframe and engine bay.Mar 2018
CR14DE Engine Installation CompleteEngine installation complete plus description of drive shafts, inlet _plus_ exhaust, etcApr 2018
Mini Engine Conversion - DrivingTest driving the Nissan engined Mini.Jun 2018
Mini CR14DE Installation Final UpdateThe latest, final, update for the Nissan engine installationApr 2019
New Instrument Panel For The Mini, Take #2Revised instrument panel for the Mini with 480 x 320 lcdDec 2019
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