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Saturday 28 January

Outer Sills

Fitting the outer sills is quite straight forward. I drilled holes in the sill at regular intervals - 8mm dia where it joins to the floor and 6mm where it joins the doorstep. The sill joggled end tabs tuck into the heelboard at the rear:

And the front tab butts to the corresponding tab on the flitch repair panel:

Once clamped into position its just a case of plug welding along the length. I was then able to seam weld along the heelboard-floor-sill joint and the toeboard-floor-sill joint at the front, making these joints watertight.

Note that I omitted the jacking points on this build. The jacking point apertures in the outer sill were blanked-off.


Panels fitted:

  • Sill Outer - Genuine, LH, Original Mk3 on 14A9535
  • Sill Outer - Genuine, RH, Original Mk3 on 14A9534


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