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Saturday 28 January

Boot Floor Repairs

I had to replace the rear section of the boot floor, so I selected the repair panel Boot Floor Rear Repair Section - all models: 08-01-560 for this. Below you can see the rotten section removed. The LH floor-wheelarch stiffener was rusted through so this would have to go also. I left it in position to aid alignment but later replaced it with the part Genuine Boot Floor To Wheel Arch Support Bracket - LH - all models: 14A6610.

The boot hinge panel was also rusted badly, so I replaced this with panel Boot Hinge Panel – 1967-2001: 08-01-555. This is an excellent panel for the money - one of the better pattern parts:

The boot repair section was held in position with screws then tacked in:

The boot floor repair panel is vey thin so I decided to use a lap joint, then seam welded both sides:

I then had to fabricate a number of small patches to replace all of the rusted metal:

Here the welds are partially ground down. I finished these welds off with a flap wheel (and a carbide burr to get into tight corners) so that I didn't need any filler here:

The rear valance closing panels (with integral floor-subframe stiffener - Rear Valance Closing Assembly - Genuine, RH/LH: HMP441020/HMP441021) were tacked into position:

Then the subframe was temporarily mounted to ensure all the holes lined up:

Once this was checked the rear valance could be welded into position. 8mm holes were drilled through the rear panel lip and the boot floor lip at regular intervals and also around the closing panel. Then the rear valance lips were prepared and primed and plug-welded:

Once the welds were dressed, a light coat of primer was sprayed on:

One last detail: Fabricated and fitted a new fuel tank retaining bracket:




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