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Saturday 28 January

Front Bulkhead and Inner Wings

Onto the front now - firstly, and after the engine, wiring loom and front subframe were removed, the rotten radiator slat panel and shroud were removed:

Replacement used two panels: Inner Wing Cooling Slat Panel – 1959-1989: 08-01-227 and Genuine Clubman Radiator Cowling: CZH570 which were plug welded to the inner wing, which stiffened things up considerably:

There was a nasty bulge in the RH cross-member to inner wing stiffener - a sure sign that rust had accumulated in between the panels - so it had to be removed and replaced also. So a new Bulkhead to X-Member Support Bracket was fitted after the rust on the cross-member had been treated:

The steering rack bracket was removed to allow any rust to be treated. The existing bracket was later refitted after being treated and painted. Before painting, seam sealer will be applied to the bracket to stop water ingress into the joint:

The front panel proved beyond repair, so it had to come off also. This gave better access to wire brush the area and treat the remaining surface rust and bare metal with phosphate to provide rust protection:

With all the minor repairs completed, the bulkhead and inner wings were given a nice thick coat of epoxy paint:




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