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Saturday 28 January

ECU Source Code

Jet1 Engine Control Unit (ECU) Software provides fuel management, ignition timing, cooling fan control for inline 4 cylinder internal combustion engines. The ECU Software (or Firmware) is intended to run on the Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller. A compatible Windows 10 application provides the ability to monitor and configure the ECU.

The source code for the JeT1 ECU, plus configuation guide and Windows desktop / laptop application are available below. Hardware documentation can be found here.

Date ECU Version ECU Code Documentation Windows App Remarks
June 2019 0.8

source code

See notes below.

Config Guide

Application Interface

source code

sample config files

Supercedes all previous versions.

Notes (known issues):

  1. In file "free_memory/free_memory.h" missing "extern" in declaration. Line 10 should be:
  2. extern int freeMemory();


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