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Saturday 28 January

First Impressions

The car was for sale about a year ago with a current MoT but seems to have been left outside unsold and unloved. Loads of receipts for relatively recent work came with car showing that it was once well looked after, so I'm hopeful that I can recover most of the mechanical parts.

But standing in the rain with a leaky roof soon takes its toll:


Rusty Top Mount

Rot around the lower rear bulkhead.

Cracked windscreen

It's had some rust damage patched up in the past but, as always, the patched areas never get enough rust protection so will need to be cut out and redone. Its badly rusted at the rear floors above the trailing arm on both sides. The lower wings front and rear and outer sills look a bit crusty too and there's maybe a dozen other smaller rust patches.  Once I strip out all of the bolt-on parts, I'll get it up on a rotary jig. Then I can start cutting it up!

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