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Saturday 28 January


Removal of the doors, boot lid, bonnet, hood frame, seats, dash and interior trim went quite quickly with no real difficulties:

Removal of doors, bonnet, etc

Next, the engine & gearbox. No real dramas here but the LH engine mount is a real pain - there's only just room for an open-ended spanner and you can only turn the bolts one flat at a time. There's no need for this to be so tight, so I'll think about modifiying the mounting before putting the engine back. Another thing that caught me by surprise was the amount of coolant that came out of the head when the engine was tilted back - a good couple of pints all over my nice garage floor!

Initial lift:

Starting to lift the engine out.

Once the lifting started, it was just a case of lifting a bit then pushing the car back all the while keeping any straggling cables out of the way. The bonnet mounting panel took a few bumps and scratches through - need to watch this when putting it back.

All clear but needed a ratchet strap to hold the gearbox up:

Engine clear!


Engine out.

I can imagine putting the engine back will be pretty traumatic once the car has a new paint job. Will need to hire a dedicated engine hoist - the type that allows you to change center of lift so that you can set the tilt angle as you go.

The front subframe and suspension were removed and then the rear axle, springs, fuel tank, etc. The car was now ready to mount onto a rotary jig.

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