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Saturday 28 January

TR7 DHC Restoration Project

I acquired this neglected beauty in February 2013, with the aim of restoring it to its former glory:

As Purchased

It'll be getting stripped down to the bare body then rebuilt after all the rot has been eradicated with lots of new or refurbished parts.

I'll be writing-up progress on the restoration as a series of articles. Click on the links below to go to an article, or use the navigation tab on the left.

Hope you find this useful - please feel free to comment or ask a question.

Below is a list of articles describing how I went about the TR7 restoration. Click on the links to go to an article or use the Navigation tab on the left.

TR7 DHC Restoration ProjectRestoring an unloved and badly neglected TR7.Feb 2013
First ImpressionsAn initial assessment of the state of the car.Feb 2013
StripdownRemoval of all the bolt-on parts.Feb 2013
Rotary JigFabricating a rotary jig and mounting the car.Feb 2013
Rear Floor and BulkheadRepairing the rear floor and rear lower bulkhead.Apr 2013
Removing the Outer SillRemoving the outer sill and repairing the inner sill.Apr 2013
Front WheelarchesRepairing the front wheel arches.Sep 2013
Floor and Front BulkheadRepairing the floor/front bulkhead.Sep 2013
Rear WheelarchesReplacing the rear wheel arches.Sep 2013
Boot AreaRepairing the boot.Nov 2013
Front Chassis and Wheel ArchRepairing the front chassis behind the wheel arch.Nov 2013
Anti Rust PrimerRepairing the front chassis behind the wheel arch.Nov 2013
Replacing The Outer SillReplacing The Outer SillJan 2014
RustproofingApplying Dinitrol 3125 and 4941Feb 2014
Initial ReassemblyOff the jigFeb 2014
Fitting the Doors and WingsFitting the Doors and WingsFeb 2014
PaintingFilling, priming, rubbing down and painting.Feb 2014
New seats for the TR7Fitting Toyota MR2 leather seats to the TR7Nov 2014
TR7 Finished!The "finished" TR7 after all major items sorted.Nov 2014
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