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Saturday 28 January

Front Wheelarches

On the passenger side, some patches were needed on the top of the turret, along the top lip and on the arch where the two bracing pieces join the turret to the arch. Now there's good solid rust-free metal just needing wire brushed, degreased and painted before fitting the wing.

I had to make up a new lower wheel arch repair from some scrap using the cut out section as a template:

And fitted:

On the driver's side, just look what was was lurking underneath the wing:

I've rarely seen such a crude repair. It looks as if someone had actually cut up a full inner arch and stuck it all together with some random patches and random welds.

Still, made it easy to decide whether to repair or replace:

Bought a full front wheel arch WKC2449P. I've read on other forums how bad this panel is and it really is a shocker. It doesn't follow the line of the wheel arch very well at all and it needs major surgery to get it to fit the flitch where its supposed to.

Finally finished fitting the driver's side wheel arch. This took about 5 solid days of effort to get right. Had to cut off the rear section and replace it with my own fabrication:

More cuts and re-shaping on the front section:

At last the wings fit snugly but I've a lot to do before I can weld them in.

My advice is don't use this wheel arch panel (WKC2449P) if you can avoid it. Unless your wheel arch is completely shot (like mine was), its far easier to patch/repair and you'll probably get better results.

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