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Saturday 28 January


Decided to use Dinitrol 3125 and 4941 to rustproof the underside. 3125 is a cavity wax that is said to creep into crevices, seams, etc, for a while after application. You can use it inside cavities and also on large open sections with an overcoat of 4941 which is heavier and dries harder.

The ambient temperature was about 18-20 deg C but before application warmed up the wax in an old kettle:

Then gave the underside a coat of 3125 with a Shutz gun:

The wax came out of the gun at a rapid rate so had to moderate the pressure. I waited until the 3125 had dried a bit but it was still tacky when I gave it a coat of 4941. The 4941 is a lot thicker that the 3125 and definitely needs a warm day and heated up before applying, otherwise it tends to come out of the Shutz gun in blobs.

This coating remained quite soft for a few weeks but did harden and now seems quite tough. All of the cavities will be treated after painting. Very pleased with how it turned out.

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