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Saturday 28 January


Being an amateur, the range of paint types is pretty limited. I definitely can't use modern two-pack due to its toxicity (use of cyanide in the hardener), so my choice is traditional cellulose. The old paint was sanded back to the primer, then the body was filled where necessary, sanded and filled again. All bare metal was sprayed with UPOL acid etch primer. Then the whole body was given a few coats of high-build primer:

I then sprayed some thinned old red paint to use as a guide coat. This was then sanded (wet) again to find any pits, high spots, blemishes:

This revealed a couple of small dents and other problems. So fixed these and did it all again! Eventually achieved a glass-smooth finish (well, as smooth as I could get it anyway) with all of the guide coat removed.

After a clean down with panel wipe and a final wipe over with tack cloths it was ready for top coat. I started with couple of light "dry" coats. Waiting about 10 minutes between coats, I applied 7-9 coats in total (you need that much to get a decent depth and coverage with celly paint). The last couple of coats were mixed 60% thinner 40% paint to try to get the best gloss and minimum "orange peel" effect:

This is about as good as you can get with celly out of the gun:

Skipping ahead a bit, here's the finish before polishing:

After a bit of polishing, you can achieve a decent finish - definitely as good as factory finishes of the era.

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