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Saturday 28 January

New seats for the TR7

Managed to acquire a pair of near pristine MR2 seats:

The seat base is only around 10mm higher than the TR7 seats so head clearance would not be a problem for me, at least:

Started the installation by stripping all the brackets from the seat rails as clearly they would not be required. Took quite a bit of effort as each is attached with hard steel pins and spot welds. One is also mig welded:

I made up a plywood template and drilled holes at the TR7 seat bolts holes. I bolted the template to the car floor then positioned the MR2 seat on top. This allowed me to judge what type of fixing I needed and mark their positions on the template. The MR2 seat has a wider track than the TR7 so all that was needed were 4 simple lugs to join the seat rail to the TR7 fixing. I cut out the required lugs from 50mm x 3mm steel bar and bolted them to the template:

Then I could clamp the seat on top at the correct position and tack weld the lugs in place:


Removed the template and welded up the lugs - welded each side and a fillet of weld along the outside lip:


The installation is then straightforward and relatively neat:


The MR2 seats are very comfy and fit well in the car. You sit slightly higher up but for me its fine. There's a convenient unused bolt hole in the frame that takes the seat belt anchor. I had to extend the TR7 buckle by welding it to the cut-off end of the MR2 buckle (lap joint plug and seam welded):


The seat feels a lot more secure and safer than the TR7 seat:


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