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Saturday 28 January

VW Beetle Restoration Project
This is my son-in-law's 1963 VW Beetle. I've had it in my shed before for some engine work but we discovered that all was not well in the structure. We found evidence of severe bodging around the heater channels. It had had plates welded from the top of the heater channel to the floor and there was evidence that the heater channels - which are primary structural components (a.k.a. the sills) - had severely rusted underneath.
So now its time to sort it properly and we've recorded the work in the this blog. Here's the plan:
  • Replace the heater channels and repair /replace any other significantly rusty metal.
  • Restore the chassis and floor
  • Repair/replace/refurbish mechanical components - brakes, suspension, etc.
  • Send it to a good body shop for a respray and fitting of new headliner and other interior fittings
  • Fit new wiring loom and modern light fittings 
  • Fit new interior
  • Get it MoT'd then enjoy!
Hope you find this blog useful!



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