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Saturday 28 January

Stripdown and Preparation

Before the doors were removed, the door gaps were photgraphed for reference:

You can see a slight run-out between the front of the passenger's door and the A-post. Each door also drooped slightly judging by the crease line just above the trim.

The door aperture was measured from a position marked on the inner A & B posts 50mm above the sill.

The measurements were:

Driver's door A to B post 927mm
Passenger's door A to B post 929mm 
Sill to sill, front, A to A post 1199mm 
Sill to sill, rear, B to B post 1341mm

The passenger's door aperture is a little wider at the bottom than the driver's - this might explain why there's a slight run-out at the front of the door. However the outer A to B post measurements (just above the sill) were near enough 950mm which is about bob-on for the Beetle.

The car was stripped of its interior, wings, bonnet and just about everything else that could be unbolted and bracing bars were welded in to the A & B posts.

The bracing bars running front to rear were set at 110mm above and parallel to the sill. This would help in aligning the new sill (heater channel) when the time comes.

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