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Saturday 28 January

Rear Suspension

Due to excessive corrosion, removal of the rear beam axle was a struggle and I ended up cutting through the mounting bolts to get it off the car. Also had to cut through the brake pipes as all the couplings were seized.

Rare to see suspension components so rusty...

Nevertheless, with some rust treatment, paint and a fair amount of graft it's possible to recover items to nearly-new condition.

The old bushes were easy enough to remove, just drill though the rubber until you can remove the centre then cut though the outer bush sleeve with a hacksaw blade and lever it out with a screwdriver. Fitting the new bushes was a bit more difficult but still achievable without special tools. I used the traditional threaded rod method (M12) with some made-up bracketry from the scrap bin and a large socket to pull the new bushes into position.

Most of the brake line clips had disintegrated so I drilled & tapped some M6 fixings and used stainless rubber shrouded "P" clips to retain the brake lines.

Axle re-fitted. Also fitted a new brake regulator / compensator as the valve in the old one was completely frozen due to corrosion. Also had to fit new ABS wheel sensors as I had destroyed the old ones in removing them. In addition, the wheel sensor reluctor rings were missing - probably completely dissolved by rust - so replaced these as well.

A new set of Bilstein gas shocks c/w 15mm lowered and stiffened springs.

And at last the car is back on all 4 wheels. The last major requirement is a pair of front wings...

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