Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, May-2012

Assembly started with fitting the battery, fuel and brake lines to the underside first so that I could get it of the jig for the last time. Then the rear subframe could be mounted without the radius arms to make it easier to handle by one person. Doing it this way is a lot easier than raising up from the bottom since you can rest the subframe on the battery box while manoeuvring it:

Now I could take it off the jig and fit the radius arms, then rubber springs, brake lines, shocks, etc:

Round the front, the subframe could be fitted and I could then start equipping the engine bay:

Then I could fit the front suspension – only loosely at the moment ’cause I need to remove the top ball joints later to withdraw the driveshafts so I could fit the engine. Since I’ll be using a fixed block & tackle to lift the engine I need to be able to move the car into position to drop the engine in:

Eventually it was time to fit the engine & gearbox:

Once the engine is fitted, its just a case of methodically working through all the systems – exhaust, fuel, electrics, hydraulics, etc, testing them as you go (where possible). It doesn’t take too long before you have a car that is driveable:

The focus now was to get the engine running and take it for a run up and down the drive to check the gearbox, brakes, suspension, etc.