Engine Stripdown

Decided not to drive the car any more until I got to the bottom of the engine knock – even though it was fairly light, I didn’t want to risk further damage & expense. So, took the engine out complete with subframe. This is a tedious job since Mazda didn’t design the car for easy… Continue reading Engine Stripdown

Engine Issues

I’ve been using the MX-5 almost as a daily for the last few months. It’s driving well but a couple of new problems are becoming apparent. Firstly, there’s some smoke on first start of the day and it’s using a lot of oil. Secondly, there’s a slight knock from the engine at certain RPMs but… Continue reading Engine Issues

Converting to WordPress

I’ve converted the site to Wordpress and I’m in the process of updating all the posts. If there’s something you’re interested in and it isn’t there, check back in a day or two.

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