Converting to WordPress

General, Jun-2021

I’m in the process of converting this site to WordPress. Nothing unusual about this but instead of using a Windows PC with my usual Windows based tools – Adobe Creative Suite / Dreamweaver – I’ve finally taken the plunge into the world of Raspberry Pi.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4B 4Gb with 32 bit Pi-OS with dual monitors. I installed Microsoft Visual Studio Code to develop the plug-ins I needed and to customise the theme. GIMP takes care of any image manipulation and the built-in file manager is used to communicate with the host server.

Visual Studio Code works very well on the Pi, much better than I expected and there’s very few (if any) differences from the PC version. Really impressed how well Python code can be transported almost untouched from the PC to the Pi & vice-versa.

After more than a week of using the Pi for web development, the PC hasn’t been needed and I’ve hardly missed it. I’m now updating all the posts, uploading images, checking the links, etc, and hope to be finished in a week or so.