Door Step-Post and Flitch Panel

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Jan-2012

Before cutting out the old door step/post, I offered up the new one and marked the joint lines on the A & B posts:

After a bit of detailed filing to achive a close fit, I tacked in the new door step/post panel. The step is aligned vertically along the top edge of the sill. In the picture, the A-Post Stiffener panel is bolted to the door post to aid alignment of the flitch repair:

If the post/step looks OK, the new Flitch panel can be offered up and trimmed ready to be tacked in:

Once I securely tacked in the new panels, I trial fitted the door and A-Panel before welding everything together permanently. When I was happy that everything fitted OK, I then finished all the plug welding on A-Post Stiffener, along the sill, Flitch to door post before seam welding the Flitch to the inner wing and floor.

Just repeated same procedure on passenger side. I needed to fabricate a few patches but left this ’till later.

Panels fitted:

  • Genuine A Post & Door Step Repair, RH – Mk3, 1970-2001: HMP441012
  • Genuine A Post & Door Step Repair, LH – Mk3, 1970-2001: HMP441013
  • Genuine A Post Stiffener Panel, RH – Mk3, 1970-2001: ALA6472
  • Genuine A Post Stiffener Panel, LH – Mk3, 1970-2001: ALA6473
  • Inner A Post R/H: ALA5688
  • Inner A Post L/H: ALA5689
  • A Post Hinge Panel Inc Inner Wing Rear Edge (flitch repair panel), RH – Mk3, 1970-2001: 08-01-282
  • A Post Hinge Panel Inc Inner Wing Rear Edge (flitch repair panel), LH – Mk3, 1970-2001: 08-01-283

There’s one more panel needed to complete the door posts:

  • Genuine Front Pocket Filler – RH – all models: 14A6611
  • Genuine Front Pocket Filler – LH – all models: 14A6612

This fits on the inside of the door post and closes it all off. I’ve left this off for now until I can paint the inside of the post assembly.