Fitting the Doors and Wings

TR7 Restoration Project, Feb-2014

With the car on stands the chassis is roughly suspended as it would be normally. So now I can re-fit the doors and trial-fit the wings:

The door was shimmed so that its lower edge was parallel to the sill. Unfortunately this revealed problem with the gap with the B-Post:

Clearly, during the process of removing and replacing the sills, I’d allowed in a slight bend to the chassis – which is easily done when mounted on a rotating jig. I think I should have braced the door aperture before mounting the car on the jig.

At the front there was no gap at all between the door and the temporarily fitted wing:

I couldn’t understand this – the wing was near perfectly aligned to the A post, sill and front panel and the rear edge of the door was more or less aligned to the B post. Decided to leave the wing as-is and make any adjustments to the door. So I cut the necessary sections from the door edges and re-made the them using the piano wire technique. This has the advantage that you can remove the folded lip and thus get rid of any rust lurking underneath.

After a couple of hours work, achieved acceptable gaps:

The wing was sitting slightly proud of the door and I could not get it flush. So had to make a cut to the filler panel on the inside of the wing where it gets bolted to the A Post:

This relieved the stiffness from the wing profile allowing me to push it flush with the door. When satisfied I welded up the cut and ground it flush.

There was less drama on the passenger’s side. The wing fitted nicely with a nice parallel gap with the door. 

After trial fitting the bonnet, everything looked nicely aligned so it was time to weld in the wings for good. So after a final check, welded along the top at about 40mm intervals, around the inner wing lip and so on.

The front of  the wing is bolted to the front panel and I sealed the join with Tiger Seal polyurethane sealant. Just needs a couple of plug/tack welds to the spoiler mount.