Floor Protection

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Apr-2012

The underside was stripped of all remaining underseal and degreased. Any exposed metal was then treated with phosphate – Phos-Kleen-B.

Once the phosphate had dried off, the floors and bulkheads were given a couple of coats of Epoxy Mastic 121, applied with a roller:

The cabin floor and boot floor were also treated inside:

This epoxy paint is really tough and very difficult to remove once fully cured.

After applying seam sealer in all the joints, the underside was given a couple of coats of anti-stone chip paint:

And finally a couple of coats of body colour:

That wasn’t the end of the rust protection though. Towards the end of final assembly, all cavities were injected with MIL-SPEC cavity wax – e.g. inside the rear pockets, sills, rear valance closing panels, scuttle closing panels, A & B pillars, etc. Prior to applying the cavity wax, all of the old metal sections were injected with Fe123 rust converter – e.g. cant rails, A & B pillars, cross member.