Front End Assembly

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Apr-2012

Once I drilled all the plug weld holes in the new panels, I re-fitted the doors, bonnet and attached the front end panels with screws and clamps. Then it was a case of lightly tack welding each panel in position whilst checking gaps, panel fit and shut lines as I went progressively from panel to panel. Here the RH A-panel has been tacked top and bottom to the door post/sill and to the RH wing. The wing has been tack welded to the scuttle where the wing web joins the scuttle drip rail:

And same on the LH side:

Once the door and bonnet shut lines were looking good and the wing to scuttle gaps was nice and consistent, I then folded the lip of the A-Panel round the door post stiffener. I used a piar of mole grips plus a wooden block and chamois leather to protect the A-Panel outer. This process takes a a bit of effort to get started; I progressively folded the lip bit by bit along the length of the panel until it was closed completely. Later, this would be seam sealed before painting.

With all the gaps and shut-lines checked again, I welded things in for good:

Once the welds were dressed, I applied Tiger Seal to the wing-scuttle gaps:

Then applied seam sealer to all joints:

Once welded up, a re-check of the bonnet shut lines showed a nice even gaps:

Panels fitted:

  • Genuine Clubman Front Wing – RH CZH408
  • Genuine Clubman Front Wing – LH CZH409
  • Genuine A Panel Outer, RH – Mk3, 1970-2001: ALA5660
  • Genuine A Panel Outer, LH – Mk3, 1970-2001: ALA5661
  • Genuine Clubman Front Panel and Grille Assembly, 1976-1983: HMP441040