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Engine Control Unit

Electronic Fuel InjectionDeveloping a prototype electronic fuel injection control unit (ECU).May-2015
ECU DesignPCB design and general packaging of the ECU electronics.Oct-2015
ECU DocumentationECU documentsMar-2016
ECU Source CodePublished source code for JeT1 ECUSep-2017
ARM Cortex STM32 ECU SoftwareSTM32 ECU SoftwareFeb-2020


Vehicle Electric Water Pump ControllerCustom-designed controller for an electric water pump.Oct-2014
Rust Preventative CoatingsA non-scientific experiment to examine the effectiveness of various coatings.Jul-2020
Modernised Vintage RadioA 70's era car radio fitted with digital electronicsSep-2020
Converting to WordPressI've converted the site to WordPress and I'm in the process of updating all the posts. If there's something you're interested in and it isn't there, check back in a day or two.Jun-2021

Golf GTi Mk3 Restoration

VW Golf Restoration ProjectRestoring a VW GolfJan-2017
Golf GTi Sill ReplacementReplacing the RH outer sillJan-2017
Front Suspension & SteeringRestoring the subframe, control arms, etcApr-2017
Rear SuspensionGolf GTi rear suspension refurbishment.May-2017
New Front WingsPainting and fitting new front wings.May-2017
Communicating With The ComputersDescribes the attempts to talk to the ECU + ABS controllers.May-2017
Gearbox RepairFixing the 2nd gear crunch on a VW 020 (CHE) gearboxJul-2019

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod

Mini 1275GT Restoration ProjectRestoring a rust-heap Mini!Nov-2011
Floor and HeelboardCutting out the rotten floor, heelboard and inner sill sections and fitting new panels.Dec-2011
Door Step-Post and Flitch PanelReplacing the rotten doorstep door post and repairing the Flitch panel.Jan-2012
Boot Floor RepairsRepairing rusty rear boot floor sections plus rear valance.Jan-2012
Front Bulkhead and Inner WingsRepairs to bulkhead, inner wings and toeboard.Feb-2012
Outer SillsFitting the outer sills.Feb-2012
Scuttle PanelFitting the windscreen scuttle panel and closers.Feb-2012
Gearbox RepairRepairs to the gearbox and differential - new diff pin, planet gears.Mar-2012
Roof RepairRepairs to rust damage on roof and RH A pillar.Mar-2012
SubframesRefurbushing the subframes.Mar-2012
Front End AssemblyFitting the wings, A-panels and front panels.Apr-2012
Floor ProtectionFloor and bulkhead rust prevention.Apr-2012
PaintworkPainted in Leyland Pageant Blue.May-2012
AssemblyFitting the fuel and brakes lines, subframes, running gear, etc.May-2012
Mini finished - well, nearly!The nearly finished Mini, still needs a few more to complete but MoT'd and road legal.Jul-2012
Engine RebuildNew bearings, piston rings, oil pump, etc.Jan-2013
Mini 1275GT Engine ConversionCoverting to Nissan CR14DE power. Major fabrication work on subframe and engine bay.Mar-2018
CR14DE Engine Installation CompleteEngine installation complete plus description of drive shafts, inlet + exhaust, etcApr-2018
Mini Engine Conversion - DrivingTest driving the Nissan engined Mini.Jun-2018
Mini CR14DE Installation UpdateThe latest, final, update for the Nissan engine installationApr-2019
New Instrument PanelRevised instrument panel for the Mini.Dec-2019

MX5 Project

MX5 ProjectBought a cheap MX5 NC with issues. Jan-2022
Replacement Transponder KeyDIY method for making an additional MX5 key fob.Jan-2022
Engine IssuesMar-2022
Engine StripdownApr-2022
Engine RepairsMX5 engine rebuilt with new piston rings, bearings, seals, etc.May-2022

TR7 Restoration Project

TR7 DHC Restoration ProjectRestoring an unloved and badly neglected TR7.Feb-2013
First ImpressionsAn initial assessment of the state of the car.Feb-2013
StripdownRemoval of all the bolt-on parts.Feb-2013
Rotary JigFabricating a rotary jig and mounting the car.Feb-2013
Removing the Outer SillRemoving the outer sill and repairing the inner sill.Apr-2013
Rear Floor and BulkheadRepairing the rear floor and rear lower bulkhead.May-2013
Front WheelarchesRepairing the front wheel arches.Sep-2013
Floor and Front BulkheadRepairing the floor/front bulkhead.Sep-2013
Rear WheelarchesReplacing the rear wheel arches.Sep-2013
Replacing The Outer SillReplacing The Outer SillOct-2013
Boot AreaRepairing the boot.Nov-2013
Front Chassis and Wheel ArchRepairing the front chassis behind the wheel arch.Nov-2013
Anti Rust PrimerRepairing the front chassis behind the wheel arch.Nov-2013
RustproofingApplying Dinitrol 3125 and 4941Feb-2014
Fitting the Doors and WingsFitting the Doors and WingsFeb-2014
PaintingFilling, priming, rubbing down and painting.Feb-2014
New seats for the TR7Fitting Toyota MR2 leather seats to the TR7Jul-2014
TR7 Finished!The "finished" TR7 after all major items sorted.Aug-2014

VW Beetle Restoration Project

VW Beetle Restoration ProjectRestoring a VW BeetleSep-2014
Stripdown and PreparationStart of VW Beetle RestoOct-2014
Separating the Body from the ChassisSeparating the body and chassisOct-2014
Removing the ChassisSupporting the body and wheeling out the chassis.Oct-2014
New Heater ChannelRemoving the old heater channel + fitting the new one.Oct-2014
Inner Wing and Rear Quarter RepairsRepair panels fitted to front inner wing and rear lower quarter.Nov-2014
Rear Cross MemberFitting new rear cross member halves.Nov-2014
Replacing the Front Cross PanelAnother new repair panel added to the Beetle!Nov-2014
Chassis JigChassis/floor mounted on a jig.Nov-2014
Rust RemovalRust removal using citric acid.Jan-2015
Chassis RefurbishmentRust removal and floor repairs.Feb-2015
Re-building the Beetle's chassisRe-assembly of the Beetle gets underwayMar-2015
VW Beetle body and chassis re-unitedVW Beetle re-assembly begins by re-uniting body + chassis.Apr-2015
Beetle Finished!Beetle finally completed.Jan-2017