Inner Wing and Rear Quarter Repairs

VW Beetle Restoration Project, Nov-2014

If you ever have to change the heater channels, you probably need to repair the lower front inner wing and rear lower quarter also. At the rear, a Klokkerholm large repair panel was cut to size. Used a joggled joint to join to the existing quarter panel and further plug welds to the heater channel. The joggled joint will be plug welded through 6mm holes at 40mm spacing. The joint was held tight together using self-tappers – these would be removed one-by-one and plugged.

All welded up:

Any gaps were filled with weld and excess welding material ground back:

This will be filled and made good by the body shop.

Similar approach at the front – Klokkerholm repair panel cut to size with a joggled joint along most of the top edge:

And welded in:


Thats about it on the LHS for now!

Will now do the same on the RHS then replace the rear cross-member and front bulkhead that were both beyond saving.