Mini 1275GT Restoration Project

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Nov-2011

I’ve always liked the Clubman-style 1275GT and I was lucky (?) enough to come across this one on ebay, close to where I live with the option of having it delivered by the seller.

So, after a winning bid, the car was delivered in November 2011. It didn’t look too bad to start with but I ended up replacing/repairing just about every panel on the body. I also had to replace or refurbish all of the suspension components as well as repair the gearbox and rebuild the engine.

Below is a list of articles describing how I went about getting the Mini back to roadworthy condition – which was my first attempt at a full nut & bolt restoration.

Later on, the restoration turned into a resto-mod, as I decided to replace the old A-Series engine with something a bit more modern.

Mini 1275GT Restoration ProjectRestoring a rust-heap Mini!Nov-2011
Floor and HeelboardCutting out the rotten floor, heelboard and inner sill sections and fitting new panels.Dec-2011
Door Step-Post and Flitch PanelReplacing the rotten doorstep door post and repairing the Flitch panel.Jan-2012
Boot Floor RepairsRepairing rusty rear boot floor sections plus rear valance.Jan-2012
Front Bulkhead and Inner WingsRepairs to bulkhead, inner wings and toeboard.Feb-2012
Outer SillsFitting the outer sills.Feb-2012
Scuttle PanelFitting the windscreen scuttle panel and closers.Feb-2012
Gearbox RepairRepairs to the gearbox and differential - new diff pin, planet gears.Mar-2012
Roof RepairRepairs to rust damage on roof and RH A pillar.Mar-2012
SubframesRefurbushing the subframes.Mar-2012
Front End AssemblyFitting the wings, A-panels and front panels.Apr-2012
Floor ProtectionFloor and bulkhead rust prevention.Apr-2012
PaintworkPainted in Leyland Pageant Blue.May-2012
AssemblyFitting the fuel and brakes lines, subframes, running gear, etc.May-2012
Mini finished - well, nearly!The nearly finished Mini, still needs a few more to complete but MoT'd and road legal.Jul-2012
Engine RebuildNew bearings, piston rings, oil pump, etc.Jan-2013
Mini 1275GT Engine ConversionCoverting to Nissan CR14DE power. Major fabrication work on subframe and engine bay.Mar-2018
CR14DE Engine Installation CompleteEngine installation complete plus description of drive shafts, inlet + exhaust, etcApr-2018
Mini Engine Conversion - DrivingTest driving the Nissan engined Mini.Jun-2018
Mini CR14DE Installation UpdateThe latest, final, update for the Nissan engine installationApr-2019
New Instrument PanelRevised instrument panel for the Mini.Dec-2019