New Front Wings

Golf GTi Mk3 Restoration, May-2017

Bought a pair of repro wings from Ebay for around £50 each, made in Taiwan incidentally. Trial fitting showed up a few problems but nothing too drastic for the type of car I’m after – a functional, fun transport, not a show car. So after some pushing and shoving and widening a few holes in the wing a satisfactory fit was achieved.

The inside of the wing was primed with epoxy, along with the lower sections and all other areas that can form a rust trap. The inside was then stone chipped. I ordered a litre of LK7Y (Storm Grey) basecoat and followed a normal 1K process to paint the external surfaces – cellulose primer, about 4 coats of basecoat, then a couple of coats of celly clear.

Out of the gun, the finish was about as good as you can get with celly. But unfortunately, when the wing was fitted to the car, the colour match proved pretty poor. Doesn’t show up so bad in the photos but it’s not really great, even for a functional run about.

I’ll live with this for now but at the next opportunity, I’ll get some matched paint and re-do the wings. Next job is to get it ready for it’s MoT!