New Instrument Panel

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Dec-2019

I built a new instrument panel using a cheap TFT LCD, but it turned out to be too dim and too small. So, back to the drawing board – decided that all the information from the ECU that I thought I needed on display, such as temperature compensation, manifold pressure, etc, wasn’t really of any use in normal driving. So decided on a simplified design with only essential information – RPM, Fuel Level, Engine Temp., Battery Voltage, Air-Fuel Ratio, and of course Speed. Already had a mechanical tacho and speedometer, so needed a new design for the other information. Came up with a mechanical quad arrangement made from 3-D printed parts with each pointer driven by an SG-90 RC micro servo controlled from an NUCLEO-F303K8 microcontroller. Along with the tacho and speedo, it was mounted on a wooden panel painted satin black:

The instrument controller transmits a subset of the ECU’s internal parameters via an HC-06 Bluetooth device. I’ve developed a simple Android app that allows a quick check of ECU parameters and the state of tune across the VE Map. It also records ECU data for off-line analysis. This is a handy way to check if everything is working OK in lieu of detailed information displayed on the dash.