Roof Repair

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Mar-2012

The car had rust damage in a really nasty area:

This is caused partly by the factory practise of stuffing a wadge of foam in between the roof and the cant rail thus retaining moisture.

There was no option but to cut the rot out:

I bought a used roof section from ebay in good rust-free condition and cut out the corresponding repair section. Then there was a good couple of hours of fine trimming to get a perfect fit:

Once happy with the fit, it was welded in:

When seam welding along the join, there was a slight buckling inwards due to heat distortion. So it needed a skim of filler to finish it off:

A good bit more grinding, filling and sanding gave me a decent result in the end; the repair is nearly invisible, completely solid and rust-free:

Once last point concerning the roof is the drip rail fitted to early cars. I could not understand what this was for and its not fitted to later cars. So instead of replacing it, I simply removed it and repaired any rust damage underneath: