Scuttle Panel

Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Feb-2012

I temporarily fitted the new scuttle panel with screws to achieve a consistent windscreen aperture height of 415mm. It was temporarily fitted so that I could trial fit the doors, A-panels, wings and front panel. I also fitted the front subframe to support the front panel. The position of the scuttle is critical to ensuring a good fit of the doors and the whole front-end. Get this wrong and nothing will fit correctly, so its well worth the effort. It took me over a day of fettling each of the new panels to get them all to fit together nicely.

Once I was happy with the fit, I removed all the front-end panels but before I removed the scuttle, I fitted the scuttle closing panels and marked their position. Then I could remove the scuttle and weld-in the closing panels:

Doing it this way, I could paint the inside of the scuttle closer (which is one of the worst rust traps on a Mini) and seal the joints. Later, this would be injected with cavity wax. So now I could re-fit the scuttle and ensure the a good seal with the closing panels. I did not intend to weld the closing panel to the wing, since that would burn-off the sealer:

And eventually I could weld in the scuttle for good:

The car was rotated upside-down on the jig so that I could paint inside the scuttle with Epoxy Mastic. This should provide far better rust protection than the factory-finished car.

Panels fitted:

  • Genuine Inner Scuttle Repair Panel Mk3 – RH, 1970-2001 (closing panel)
  • Genuine Inner Scuttle Repair Panel Mk3 – LH, 1970-2001 (closing panel)
  • Genuine Scuttle Panel Lower Screen – all Models: HMP441001