Mini 1275GT Resto-Mod, Mar-2012

The rear subframe was badly corroded but I was able to get a nearly new one complete with running gear from ebay for just over £200 – bargain! Not much to do to this, just a rub down and a lick of epoxy paint plus a top coat of gloss black, then some adjustable rear cones:

The front subframe was thick with underseal so I sent it away to be dipped & stripped. It came back like this:

The bare steel was treated with phosphate and given a coat of expoxy mastic:

This was then given a gloss black top coat, so should outlive the car. The front subframe was fitted with new rubber springs, new poly bushes and new top arm bearings. The front suspension was given new wheel bearings, new discs, new ball joints and the caliper’s seals and pistons were replaced. Trial-fitted: