VW Golf Restoration Project

Golf GTi Mk3 Restoration, Jan-2017

The next project concerns this nice 2 door Golf GTi 1995 Mk 3, 8V.

The car failed it’s MoT mainly due to corrosion issues and has sat for two years in a damp cold garage. So, the plan for this car is to fix the corrosion, fit slightly lowered, stiffened suspension and make it roadworthy. Later on, might consider installing own ECU and maybe an upgraded engine – 16V ABF or maybe one from the 20 valve turbo family.

After a brief survey, we found severe corrosion to the RH outer sill, previously hidden by the sill cover. Plus corrosion around the subframe mounts, severe corrosion to the LH rear wheel arch. All of the suspension components are heavily corroded and there are various rust patches to the underbody and chassis where the coating has been damaged.

Here’s a list of articles for the project….

VW Golf Restoration ProjectRestoring a VW GolfJan-2017
Golf GTi Sill ReplacementReplacing the RH outer sillJan-2017
Front Suspension & SteeringRestoring the subframe, control arms, etcApr-2017
Rear SuspensionGolf GTi rear suspension refurbishment.May-2017
New Front WingsPainting and fitting new front wings.May-2017
Communicating With The ComputersDescribes the attempts to talk to the ECU + ABS controllers.May-2017
Gearbox RepairFixing the 2nd gear crunch on a VW 020 (CHE) gearboxJul-2019